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We've revamped our recruiting process with a bunch of new tools and technologies to make sure you get the best job opportunities in top companies, according to your profile. 

How can I apply for these job opportunities? And where can I see them?

There is no job listing! Why? Because we want to save your time. Instead of applying for multiple jobs, you just need to register your CV, and our team of experts will analyse your profile and start trying to match you with a potential job. 

It's quite simple; isn't it?

With your information in our database, we're able to contact you and deliver your CV to the right desk 👨🏻‍💻

How it works?

It's quite simple, you'll see 😉

  • #1 Drop your CV in our platform
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  • #3 Be mentored by our experts
  • #4 We match you to the right job
  • #5 Go to interviews
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Carlota Rodrigues
Talent Acquisition Consultant
Cristina Hernández
Diego Vieira
Business Manager
Isabella Soteldo
Country Manager Spain & Portugal
Kimberly La Cotera
Talent Acquisition Consultant
Thais Camanho
Talent Acquisition Manager

About us

What we stand for

We're expert and dedicated recruitment company with a purpose. We connect challenging jobs with exceptional individuals, not because we can but because we love to. We celebrate every hire as if it were our own. One by one, we are changing the way recruitment is done, towards a more transparent and purposeful Human Resourcing.

#We are young and fresh.

#We strive for exceptional quality of service.

#We believe in open communication.

#We 💚hiring.

Recruitment is Feedback. Feedback is Unono. 


  • +60k users
  • Active in + 5 countries
  • + 400 Candidates hired

Unono is Feedback

Feedback meetings with our placed candidates 😎


Your recruitment partner in Europe 🤝

Unono embodies their client's mission as its own, collaborating to achieve excellent recruitment results together. Our dedicated teams provide agility and expertise for every scenario.

We provide a personalised and pioneer recruitment service to guarantee the success in the selection of candidates for the position. We analyse soft-skills and hard-skills through our platform to create a shortlist for each vacancy with the best talent. 

Unono is committed to offering the best profiles in less than 72 hours. We have vetted the skills and capabilities of each candidate to save time for your company. 

The recurrence of companies that work with Unono is high because of our guaranteed exceptional service. You only pay for success if you decide to hire. 

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Unono allows companies to focus on what matters the most

#1. We're experts in the field. We provide a high retention rate. 92% of our recruits remain in their jobs after 12 months.

#2. Zero (0) risk. We build long-lasting partnerships based on trust, in exchange for gaining our clients’ service we offer our fees on a contingent basis: not paying until the ideal candidate is finally hired.

#3. 3-to-1. Our proposal is simple: out of every 3 candidates, at least 1 goes to interview.

#4. Less than 72h. Being right is better than being fast, but when companies compete for the best talent, faster yields better results. We are unbeatable in terms of response time. The first shortlist of candidates will arrive within the first 72 hours.

"We had a really nice experience with Unono.​ They’re so efficient in the management of job vacancies to guarantee the fulfillment of expectations to all those involved.​ They work with passion and with a high motivation to achieve project goals. Overall, very positive experience.”

Beatriz Maroto
Recrutadora na Amazon

"We had excellent feedback from Unono as we effectively met the recruit needs after they kindly presented us their candidate's shortlist. They made a great follow up of each job vacancy as well as they were very agile and quick when their support was needed. We feel about having them on board for further recruiting requirements​."

Lourdes Arenas
Recrutadora na Daimler

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